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About Dr. Amir Aslanzadeh

Without wishing to sound boastful, I feel that I come to you with a background that is unique and distinctive from other applicants. I have all of the competencies required to do the management job well, in particular I want to highlight my ability to contact with the senior managers and colleagues and deliver the knowledge in a unique way, which is added to my management and supervision capabilities,

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dr aslan zadeh

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Professional management in beauty and health service centers

Topics offered in the course: 1. Description of various beauty and health centers 2- Identifying the main trends in the beauty industry in terms of society, market, technology, treatment, industries and related environment 3- How beauty centers affect the creation of an unforgettable experience and provide a service that is promised to guests 4- Ways […]

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Restaurant 2.0 Innovation& Technology-dr amir aslanzadeh

Restaurant 2.0 Innovation& Technology-dr amir aslanzadeh Mashhad / Pars Hotel  

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Health and Wellness Tourism

Health tourism is probably one of the fastest growing forms of tourism. Health tourism is a rather multifaceted industry since it has several segments. We can talk about medical tourism, wellness tourism, spa tourism, and holistic and spiritual tourism. In most countries…

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